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A Smart Workshop To Repair Vehicles When Necessary.

Servicecard runs everything.  Servicecard records everything. 

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In and out in record time.

This interface view shows the first part of the suspension checks. The first line check is a standard front tyre tread depth test.  The tread depth of both tyres is recorded, and a depth that is out of specification will be highlighted red.  Labour time is recorded in minutes.  The option to take a photograph of the tyres is given within the app and stored within the app for future viewing.  To complete the check, the technician will have their name recorded with the completion time of the test.

Built for Vehicle Technicians

Servicecard works with the natural flow of a vehicle mechanic, allowing for efficient and time saving process management.

Customisation Available

While our out of the box will perfectly suit 90% of businesses, we know that one size does not always fit all. 

We thought of everything


Don’t miss a thing with Servicecard.  Customisation required?  We do that as well.

Tablet App

How It Works

View the screen capture video below for a real time functional walk through of our world class software.  The example video shows a typical vehicle fleet servicing and maintenance business capturing all necessary data required with absolutely no additional record keeping required beyond that available in the app.  True paper free business software with tracking, quality control, traceability and piece of mind. 

Mobile App

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Collaborate in or outside of the workshop.

Real-Time Stats On-The-Go

You and your employees have access to all required information

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