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Introducing Servicecard

The Automotive Business Model

Our Automotive Business Model is a best in class vehicle service, fleet maintenance and team working app designed to streamline your manual processes.  Capture every part of every job, achieve complete traceability, set KPI’s, view stats and sleep easy with complete oversight.  Developed in Australia to Australian standards and with Australian customer support.

Robust Dashboards

Fully Configurable

Built for Teams



Everything You Need & More

Servicecard is an evolving powerful platform for the business-place that can access live working floor data and deliver it in real time for management assessment.

 Incorporating a visual display that stimulates, combined with user friendly functions, Servicecard motivates and creates team advancement as business evolves .

Servicecard is the culmination of research and collaboration by a university lecturer, visual engineering students and scientists.  As an ongoing project, the best is getting better.

Customisation for your Business

Not all businesses are the same, and very often one size does not fit all.  That’s why we offer customisation to give your business exactly what it needs.

Regular & Free Updates

We know how important solid, reliable software is.  That’s why we provide free and ongoing software updates for the life of the product.

Data Collaboration

Being fast, nimble, and collaborative can be a real plus, and will allow nimble businesses  to cruise right on past the competition.

Versatile and cross-platform

We know that every business has their preferred hardware.  That’s why Servicecard works cross-platform. 

Live streaming Management Information

Get the latest information from your workshop.  Always be in control, always be in the know and always have access to all data.

Australian Support

We are an Australian company with Australian support staff.  Get support when you need it from our local technicians in Australia.

Insanely Fast

Watch our video below.  Servicecard is extremely fast, allowing your employees to benefit from Servicecard.

Powerful engaging interface

Your employees will find the interface engaging and easy to use.  The powerful software works seamlessly behind the scenes to do the hard work. 


Stay Connected With Your Entire Team

Every team member has their own digital marker in the Servicecard App enabling jobs to be completed by many members of one team.  Whether like a relay race or a football team, the software records the work completed by each team member.  Wondering whether a check has been completed?  Just take a look on Servicecard.

Tablet App

How It Works

View the screen capture video below for a real time functional walk through of our world class software.  The example video shows a typical vehicle fleet servicing and maintenance business capturing all necessary data required with absolutely no additional record keeping required beyond that available in the app.  True paper free business software with tracking, quality control, traceability and piece of mind. 


Efficiency at Its Finest

No waiting, no looking for forms, no missed checks.  Our software is fast and efficient empowering your employees to get the job done with no fuss or holdups.



Create Goals & Monitor Performance


Because all data from all employees is available on demand, you’ll know what’s happening at any given time.  Use this knowledge to set goals and monitor employee performance to drive your business upwards.

Mobile App

Take Servicecard wherever you need to go


Collaborate in or outside of the workshop.

Real-Time Stats On-The-Go

You and your employees have access to all required information


Custom App Development at Basic App prices after the first year.  Get in quick, offer only available for three months!








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